Are Push Notifications Effective?

The era of digital technologies brings us many opportunities to communicate with consumers, pique their curiosity, and keep engaged with our product. Push notifications are one of the marketing tools worth trying. They catch attention. And attention is the first and most significant value you should emphasize, according to AIDA.

Today we are going to dig deeper and find out the answers to the most frequent questions:

What is a push notification?
What kinds of push notifications are there?
Why are they worth investing in?

What is a push notification?

A push notification is a short automated message sent via the smartphone or browser. The business goal is to re-engage users. It is a great add-on to e-mail marketing techniques, and some experts believe, even more effective. According to colleagues at Xtify, the open rate with push notifications is as high as 30%-60%, and the click rate raises to 40%. Talking about the e-mail marketing statistics, the average OR is 20%, and the CTR is 5,4%.

To bring success - and bring the users back to the website or an app - the push notification should be brief, personalized, and provide value. Below we present the key elements of any notification.

The critical elements of push notifications:

Business logo
The logo is an essential part of business communication with your users. It distinguishes you from other companies and gives your users clarity about who is texting them.

The title should be short, clear, and interesting enough to catch attention. It should explain the main reason why you are texting your users.

The content should briefly explain why the user should click and come back to your website. Here you should add a simple but powerful CTA.

The study shows that 65% of people are visual learners. The image helps us understand the message faster and more precisely. Visual elements serve as additional encouragement to achieve the desired goal.

What kinds of push notification exist?

The goal of push notifications is to increase customer engagement with your product - website or mobile application. Due to your business approach, you can use one of these types: web push notifications (desktop push notifications or mobile push-notifications) and app-push notification.

Web-push notifications are short alerts you send to users’ browsers. If you want to boost your website traffic and engagement, you might use these notifications as there is no need to install apps. If the users give the consent to receive alerts/reminders, they will get them even if they are not on your website.

App-push notifications are short messages that appear on the screen of the mobile phone. As the title says, they are triggered by the apps the users have already installed. These notifications do not require to keep the application open. They might show up even if the device is locked.

Why are they worth trying?

Push notification is a marketing retention tool that catches your users’ attention immediately. Yes, some consider there alerts irritating and not useful. According to BusinessofApps, only 18% of users find push notifications helpful. But opt-in rates show that a convincing majority of your customers give their consent to receive notifications. Colleagues from Accengage conducted research, and the results are impressive.

The three top industries that might leverage the push notifications the most are finance, travel, and e-commerce. If you offer finance products, 72,3% of your customers would like to get push notifications from you. The same tendency is true for travel services and e-commerce. Over 70% of consumers agree to receive updates and hot alerts from travel agencies, while 68 % of e-commerce consumers opt-in for notifications.

At Mailfire, we believe that push notifications are the must-have for every website. Our clients use them as a powerful add-on to e-mail marketing techniques. As a result, they reach their customers when those are active online, and ready to interact with the product they offer. Magic, right! Do you want to do some magic with us?

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