E-mail Marketing 2020: Trends

In 2020 the number of companies choosing e-mail marketing as a key communication channel increases because efficient e-mails continue to bring value that can’t be compared to any other communication channel.
E-mail marketing area is evolving to keep pace with all the new technologies and developments, such as adaptive design and viewing modes for new devices, artificial intelligence, AMP, promo tabs and many more things that I will share further 😉

Adaptive design

According to HubSpot statistics, 80% of users check their e-mails using mobile devices. Given that, the importance of monitoring the new clients and platforms development as well as their ability to display e-mail content can’t be questioned. Here are some them:

Smartphone Screen Size

New smartphones’ screen size is 6.5” or more, so do not forget to check the image quality in your e-mails. Nobody wants to receive an e-mail with a blurry picture inside it ☹️

Dark Team and Dark Mode

One of the leaders among e-mail clients is Apple Mail (around 46%). In its new viewing modes, Apple Mail change background color of e-mails to darker one, therefore when creating HTML template it is important to choose the suitable background and text color which won’t irritate users in any viewing mode.


Google’s new Accelerated Mobile Pages technology enables e-mails to become as interactive and user-friendly as possible. For instance, a person can make a purchase directly from an e-mail without any additional links needed.

Promo tabs

Promo tabs can draw attention and highlight your e-mail, but most importantly the user can understand the value of an e-mail before opening it.

Voice Assistants (e.g. Alexa)

No doubts, voice control and voice assistance are a new trend. Alexa is already able to read, archive and delete your e-mails.

She can voice over the sender name, e-mail subject and body as well as different emojis (by the way, some of them has really weird names, so be careful). But unfortunately, she is not capable of recognizing the text in images. Therefore, given the growing demand for smart speakers we don’t recommend to place the key text in images.

Omnichannel strategy becomes a key trend of e-mail marketing market. Any business requires all the communication channels to work together as smoothly as one. Mobile or web-push notifications, messengers and e-mails jointly collect the information about the user to analyze his or her behavior, estimate traffic, improve product metrics, etc. We at Mailfire have understood from the experience that push notifications work better in conjunction with e-mails and vice versa.

Segmentation Like a Pro

Segmentation is an ability to divide users into separate groups based on specific criteria. Dynamic segmentation remains a trend for several years. If earlier it was ok to analyze the static data about each person from the database, now it is more efficient to monitor changes of behavior and user preferences over time. Otherwise, your database will start shrinking 😮

Hyper-personalization is the trend that follows segmentation. Personalization is already a must but hyper-personalization puts you on the next level of interaction and emotional connection with a subscriber. The client receives an e-mail with the number of references to the history of interaction with your product that demonstrates attention from your side and consequently catch the attention of the customer. Even though the e-mail is generated automatically by an algorithm with CDP data, it is extremely lovely get one of those 😍

Due to the new trends and technology developments, in 2020 it is difficult to come up with a business that does not require e-mail marketing. If you need a high retention rate for your web-site or app, efficient e-mails and push notifications are a must-have!

E-mail Marketing Budget

What’s inside e-mail marketing budget? Mail platform functionality and e-mail frequency are the first part the budget. Normally, fixed fee is offered based on the volume of existing database. The second part of the budget is the development costs if something needs to be modified on the client side. The third part is the cost for marketing specialist involvement. Often companies do not have internal e-mail marketing specialists, that’s why we at Mailfire will be happy to become a part of your team and ensure the successful performance of this channel.

In the USA, the amounts of money allocated for e-mail marketing can be significantly higher than in Ukraine or Russia. Big companies in the US spend millions of dollars every month on this channel. Of course, small startups are not likely to use expensive Salesforce mailing system, because it won’t pay off. This means that that the size of the business matters. We offer service plans and integration options depending on the your business capabilities.

Other factors that determine huge budget difference are mail platform functionality (automation, personalization and segmentation options) and database size. For instance, American corporations often send e-mail to customers around the globe, while Russian business has significantly lower mailing volumes.

Follow the trends to stay up to date and win your market. Me and Mailfire team are always delighted to help 😏

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