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with E-mail Campaigns

What is a Transactional E-mail?
A transactional e-mail, or a triggered e-mail, is an e-mail sent to a recipient after an action. Common use cases include account creation notifications, password resets, purchase receipts, and others
What is an E-mail Marketing Campaign?
An e-mail marketing campaign is the e-mails sent from a business to one or more customers and prospects. A successful e-mail marketing campaign will encourage the recipients to take an action, engage with your business, and help you to get more leads and sales

Key Features

Drag & Drop Builder
Create efficient templates using both HTML and simple drag & drop builder
Automated Campaigns
Easily create automatic
e-mail sequences, scripts, logics or delayed sendings
Segment subscribers to be able to send targeted, relevant, and desired e-mails
Automatically generate e-mails from your latest blog posts, news portals, online stores
Use personalized variables to tailor your e-mails to each individual recipient
Split Testing
Choose the most efficient
e-mail before sending it to everyone via A/B testing
Get your email marketing performance metrics right when you need them
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