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with Push Notifications

Send incredibly relevant push notifications at every lifecycle stage
When a push notification delivers exactly what you need and exactly when you need it, this feels magical, right? That’s the feeling we’re going for
Boost engagement & inspire return visits of your web-site
Every modern app uses push notifications, every modern website should have web notifications. Especially since they do something no other tool can: reach your customers with a direct message while they are online, regardless of whether they are using your web-site actively or not

Key Features

Deep Linking
Use links that direct users straightly to the specific pages within your app or web-site
Reach customers with the notifications once an event occurs on a web-site
Create automatic notification sequences, logics, scripts or delayed sendings
Split Testing
Test different versions of your notifications to discover the best performing ones
Track the efficiency of your notifications to keep only the best performing ones
Multiple Browser Support
No matter which browser your clients use, our notification will reach them perfectly

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